I will review your startup’s pitch or idea


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Jun 07.

What you get:
Send me your presentation, business plan, idea, demo, … and I will review it and send you my comments, observations, texts I recommend you read or anything else I feel will help you in any way. In terms of scope and effort I will treat you as if you were a startup I normally mentor or advise.

Do not hesitate to add additional questions or instructions (e.g. what to focus on, constrains, who is the intended audience for your pitch, …).

The first 5 applicants get a follow-up (i.e. you iterate and I have another look at it).

Price: 5 BTC

About me (the relevant bits):
I am a hacker, an entrepreneur, angel investor and a partner at a pre-seed startup incubator. In addition I am a world-champion debater and a theatre director.

How to Apply

Send the material you want me to review to sb@hekovnik.si and 5 BTC to 1Jcus69LMQHYoWiyU4eBeghVaMxdJbk9mP It may take me a couple of days to get back to you depending on the amount of material you send me and the research I need to do.