Will code for BTC

This is a Selling position in Hamburg, Germany posted Jun 07.

You have this great idea, which will change the world, make you rich or both?

You have this one big problem, that needs to be solved?

Or you need a professional (perhaps second) opinion from technical view, if the choosen way is the way to do it?


That’s, where I could help you.

I prefer small jobs, but if your idea is really changing the world…


Well, I can help you also in your  in computer science assignment, if you pay me. 😉

Skills Required

  • professionellskills.NET(C#
  • VB.NET
  • WindowsForms
  • Silverlight
  • WPF
  • DevExpresscontrols)
  • advancedskillsHTML/CSS
  • Java
  • Mono.NET
  • basicskillsPHP
  • Python
  • Shell


Salary: 1 BTC / hr

Benefits: I have 4 years experience as full-time .NET developer and consultant (more developing than consulting) and additional 8 years coding experience in education and as part of other IT jobs. I 've worked on small projects (like developing a wrapping web service to add security critical features with 6 hr deadline) and huge applications with up to 100.000 lines of code. My "special talent" is evaluating and learning new technologies, design patterns and ideas. So I can quickly say "No" or "Yes" and an estimated time frame for every idea or work item, you have for me, even if that contains some skills, I don't have yet.

How to Apply

Send your problem, idea or project description to queue [at] tux-mail.de All information will be treated private, I won't distribute anything or use it myself. If your "project description" means, I have to dig through multiple pages, design documents and/or you want me to write more than "Yes, I need x hours." or "No", you have to pay me: 1FZRimHSDQ1LSDZwD8a3fWGaor1UFerPuB