I will make an advertisement design for your business/product or special events

Tostarte Advertisement Design

This is a Contract position in Anywhere posted Jun 09.

I’m a student of advertisement designer how make the works with free (free as in free speech) software, and I do it very well ;).

you can watch my portfolio at http://tostarte.deviantart.com

Skills Required

  • Gimp
  • Inkscape
  • imagination


Salary: 0.3 BTC per hour

Benefits: you get a nice and functional advertisement. you can watch previous version of your request and ask for changes on it if you dont like what you see. i'll give you a printable independent-software PNG and the sources in .svg, .Xcf/.Psd format in a zip file.

How to Apply

The advertisement design for your (what ever it is) can be designed in various sizes: A3, A4, A5, B4, B5, Web banner Common (468x60px), Web banner Huge (728x90px). Please, send me the name of your business or event in a plain text file, also, send a photograph about your products, preferably in high resolution, (8 MP minimum) with natural light illumination, against a background of a solid color (ei green, white, pink, etc.), the name of your product/event and some of the benefits or characteristics of it in plain text file, price (for product or event if you want to include it). everything in a zip file, please!.