WordPress Theme Development

Scottlabs, LLC

This is a Selling position in Remote posted Jun 09.

I can code a kickass WordPress theme for any occasion. I do the full LAMP stack as well, from the front end (CSS / Javascript) to the back (PHP and MySQL).

Portfolio: http://www.scottlabsllc.com


Salary: 3 BTC/Hour, based on market value

Benefits: Fast, highly skilled work. On time and to spec.

How to Apply

If you already have a design I can give you an estimate of hours. If you need a design I can work with you to establish what you're looking for and refer you to a number of talented designers. I am only looking for shorter contract gigs, ideally a couple weeks or less. For USD I generally charge $150/hour, but I'm a big proponent of bitcoin and want to get this economy rolling so I'm willing to lower my rates.

Application deadline: pire\/\noe