Linux Server Administration


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Jun 17.

I’m an experienced Linux Administrator (7+ years experience in managing GNU/Linux servers and workstations (Debian, SuSE, Red Hat) at my university.

I offer help in administrating servers, installing software, updating the os etc.

Skills: Virtualization with KVM, OpenVZ, Perl- and Bash-Scripting, writing kernel modules, Nagios/Icinga administration, Security Auditing with Nmap/Nessus, basic Solaris experience

Salary: 1 BTC/h

Skills Required

  • GNU/Linux Administration
  • Perl. Bash scripting
  • KVM
  • OpenVZ
  • Nagios


Salary: 1 BTC/h

Benefits: reliable, experienced, fast

How to Apply

Send me a message: or use this form: