Recent College Grad Looking for work


This is a Selling position in Red Hook, NY posted Jun 17.

I just graduated from Bard college (degree in psychology, emphasis on neuroscience of auditory perception) and am looking for bitcoin gigs.
Jobs I can do:
-Help with maxmsp
-Edit your psych paper
-Make you a weird avant garde electronics oscillator thing (of your own conception)
-Data entry
-Video coding (quantification of video data)
-Wikipedia page work
-Spiritual guide
-Bitcoin broker
-Send you awesome recipes everyone year/month/day/hour/minute/second?
-Make you a passive signal mixer/splitter (works w/ both video and audio, you choose how many channels, and all jacks, plugs, and pots can be customized) Will come housed in a beautiful box!
-Psych information research/data collection
-LED projects

-Dress up as a pokemon at your NYC show (costume not provided)


Thank You!



Salary: ???

Benefits: Exploiting a graduate for my cheap labor!

How to Apply