Experienced Technical Mentor available


This is a Selling position in Online posted Jul 17.

Are you technically-minded, aiming to get into the world of technology, but unsure of which direction to take, or maybe hoping for a bit of focus to lead you in the right direction?

I’ve been a technical consultant/trainer for over ten years, with over 25 years programming and other computing experience. My daily work keeps me up-to-date with the latest technologies and how they are used in industry and startups, and my experience helps me keep it all in context. My specialty is making complex concepts easy to understand, and in linking various concepts together into a unified whole.

If you’d like an experienced mentor to guide you through your early technical career, or to help prepare you for a life in tech, get in touch.

Skills Required

  • Technology
  • Programming
  • Databases
  • Security
  • Hacking


Benefits: You will be more efficient at finding and understanding information you receive from other sources, e.g. technical books, blogs and forums, online technical documentation, and Internet searches. You will develop a broader understanding of how various aspects of technology link together and support each other.

How to Apply

Send me a quick message to let me know what you're interested in pursuing. I'll get back to you with references and some further information, and will then invite you to let me know a bit about your own background and skills, and your own direction. Then we'll get started!