Artwork, GIF Banners, Graphic Design!


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Jul 20.

Hi! I’m a digital artist on these internet streets. Let me fill you in on what I can do:


I can make you a drawing/art of your choosing in Photoshop if you’d like. Just give me some details of what you want me to make. Any details ranging from a description to some keywords are welcome!
One drawing is 0.7btc. Here’s a small gallery of examples:

GIF banners

You want animated banners? That’s fine too! I can make you one. Just give me details on what should be in the banner.
A GIF banner is 1btc. I also use photoshop in making banners.

Here are some examples:

Custom orders

If there’s anything else you would like me to do, just tell me so! Prices can be discussed.

Skills Required

  • Photoshopdrawing
  • Photoshopcolouring
  • Creativity
  • Design


Salary: .7 BTC (for an artwork)

Benefits: -Quality art -Creative design -Fast -Interesting style

How to Apply

Just tell me what you need! Helpful details would be: -keywords on what you what -a description -dimensions