Need help getting WordPress Bitcoin Store Up and Running

Ominous Megacorp

This is a Buying position in Anywhere posted Aug 19.

I’m trying to get a store that accepts bitcoins up and running. Managed to get a version of bitcoind up and running on Cent OS. Running wp-ecommerce engine, with the SimpleCart theme from Up themes, and the Bitcoin for wp-ecommerce plugin. I am generating errors, and I can’t seem to get all the various pieces to work together, though each seems to be working on its own. I’m hoping that this is a simple fix for somebody who knows what they’re doing, and that they can show me what I’ve done wrong in the process.

Skills Required

  • bitcoinknowledge
  • linux
  • maybePHP
  • Wordpress


Salary: negotiable, in bitcoins or USD

How to Apply

Apply here.