Character Designing for various purposes


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Sep 29.

Do you have a story you want to write but are unsure of the interactions between the characters involved?

Do you like to Role Play with Original Characters but they are called either ‘Sues’ or just plain dull.

Are you unsure if your character has enough realism or matches the world he/she/it is set on?

Do you want to create a catchy character for that campaign at your school, work, movement that embodies all it represents without being pushy or silly?

Look no further, I can help you with that.


Salary: 0.5 Bitcoin per session (Session = 1 hr)

Benefits: * Make characters easy for readers or viewers to be fond with or relate to * Find that colorful Mascot for your campaign that will sure bring joy or thought to people. * The investigations made to create the character may aid you to expand the world it's involved in, push further in it's psyche and watch it come alive, making it easier for the readers to get further involved. *The number of sessions are unlimited, which means that you can create as many characters as you want, at any time, when ever it's needed. There is no obligation to continue until the end and no penalty for just trying. * Feel a bit fuzzy about Roleplaying other more 'Literal' players? Get the basics and master them as your character progresses in growth. Wow your fellow Rpiers in presenting them a strong character. *And much much more!

How to Apply

Please send me all the details of your character(s). These can include: *What you will use it on? [A MUST] *Appearance *The story (so far) involving it. * Drawings or guides, etc. Anything that can help me build it up. If you don't have a drawing or a mental sketch of the character and you would like me to do an illustration for you, please note it on the e-mail