I will give you a Munich(Germany) phone number


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Oct 24.

It start like +49 89… and I will route to your existing SIP Account or to a new I have created. Only incoming calls for a half year for 2 BTC. You can use it with Softphone(PC), many sip-Mobiles and Sipphones. Persons like realtives who want to call you from German pay only low rate or nothing because it is a normal landline. From Germany you dial 089…

Skills Required

  • SIP


Salary: 2 BTC

How to Apply

Please answer the following questions: Have you got a sip account? If yes, what is the sip uri? What is your E-Mailadress? You get: - A Munich phone number, what will be route to your sip adress - If need, an Sipaccount You need: - A Sip-compatible Device, like a FritzBox or Pc or some mobiles.