Handyman NYC

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This is a Contract position in NY, NY 10036 posted Dec 20.

Hi everyone, I am hard working young father of a 5 year old beautiful little girl. I just discovered the bitcoin cash flow system and find it liberating plus extremely exciting. Liberating because this seems like an opportunity to break free from the central banking chains that appeared to just hold me back from fulfilling my dreams. Exciting because this new system seemed to build new hope within me to achieve those dreams, which is pretty much to be able to put a decent roof over my daughters head.
This is my first attempt to offer services to receive funds through this magnificent system. Currently, the most valuable service I can offer is as a Handyman. I’d like to say that most of the projects I tackle usually result in grade A work. The projects consist from plumbing issues to painting to anything you want fixed. Work is scarce in the real world so hopefully this would break a barrier. I would also accept bitcoin donations. The donations would go straight to my daughter. I’m trying to do this also to get her a Christmas present she wanted (leap pad). Thank you for your time and interest. Love and blessings to everyone.


Skills Required

  • Plumbing
  • Locks
  • GeneralContracting


Salary: 10 bitcoins per hour

How to Apply

I am very new at this, so giving instructions to apply is pre-mature at the moment. You can reach me at Bitcoins.rio@gmail.com to guide me with any transactions or information. God is Love & Love is the all mighty. Rio