German Beer different brands ;-)

Beer Dude shipping

This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Nov 05.

Hi there, I am able to ship fine german beer all over the planet.

Just tell me your favourite, e.g. Beck´s, Jever, Weihenstephan, Erdinger or whichever. If you not shure which one to take (there are a million brands here;-) I also could suggest you some more brands.

I can ship one single bottle, a six pack or even a chest full of this liquid glory.

Would be a airy eyechatcher for your next party !


Salary: starting from 0.5 BC + shipping

Benefits: Beer had always a big influence on our culture, sitting with friends have a couple of them talk and relax while you slurp some cold exotic brands. (Since shipping may be expensive you could order it as a gift or for a special moment.)

How to Apply

Just contact me