I will play bitcoin poker returning 60% of winnings to you for 0.50 BTC

WalrusBaller Bitcoin staking and props®

This is a Contract position in cyberspace posted Nov 28.

Please stake  me at the game i love. I will play poker on a bitcoin poker site. I am a experienced small stakes online player. I will supply hand histories to show how I won.  I will also provide detailed commentary of my session. with the hand history. “I play a lot better under pressure”, so my rating will reflect the truth of that statement. I can beat anyone on any given day.

I can grind us a profit gradually or shoot the works in a higher limit ring game.

all backers will get to choose the username I will use. at the end of our arrangement that account will be turned over to the backer, for auditing and bonus points(if any)!

Skills Required

  • 8 years of Poker experience


Salary: 0.50 btc

How to Apply