Massive USA Press Release to Over 900 Media Outlets For 1 Bitcoin – Explode Your Site Get Exposure

Press Release

This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Jan 02.

I’ve decided to offer a press release service for websites which are accepting BTC / giving away BTC / involved in BTC in some way.

** I am also offering these services for ANY website **

Bitcoin is just starting to break into the mainstream (with WordPress accepting payments, a bank in France opening bank accounts linked to BTC, etc)

There is no better time to submit YOUR BTC project to thousands of press institutions (magazines, radio, TV, blogs and more). As BTC keeps rising in popularity one of the big outlets could run with your story – giving you MASSIVE exposure.

I’ve seen so many great websites accepting BTC but I think a little more marketing could go a very, very long way Your site could well be the first in the world offering the service it is for BTC, and you should tell the world about it!

Here are the basic services and prices:

– I will send your Press Release to over 900 magazines, TV, radio stations, newspapers, websites for 1 BTC. (USA Based)

– The press release can include up to 3 links (one for your site, one for your blog if you have one, and another link to anything you would like (The backlinks and exposure will also help the Google rankings of your site)

– You can write the press release, or I can write a professional one for you for 1 BTC (optional)

Here are some extra services I can offer if you are really serious about generating massive exposure for your BTC website:

– Expose Your revolutionary BTC website concept and press release to over 450 online magazine USA media contacts: 1.5 BTC

– Send your press release to the most popular bloggers and journalists in the industry: 1.5 BTC

– Your Press Release sent to over 6500+ FM radio stations: 3 BTC

– Your Press Release sent to over 7500+ print newspapers and over 2000+ TV shows: 6 BTC

Bitcoin is still such a young and novel industry so there is a good chance a story featuring your site could really get a lot of exposure (it will be an idea most peope have never heard of before).

All services include a report of where your press release was submitted (it is up to the press organisations themselves to run the story – but all you need is one major outlet running it and you could break into the mainstream)

I would love to help increase the exposure of your website – whether you are involved in bitcoin or not.

Skills Required

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Online Marketing

How to Apply

Please send me a message and we can take it from there to get your website / online service noticed.