Will edit resume for job interviews.

Custom Resume Services

This is a Contract position in United States posted Jan 02.

I am very experienced in resume editing. To properly edit your resume to be more attractive for a potential employer I will need:


Current resume (personal data can be removed if desired to be added by you later) if none current, I can create one for you.

Job experience you’d like mentioned with as much detail as possible. This includes volunteer experience.

Awards and certifications you’ve been given, if any. date received and brief explanation if they aren’t obvious.

Education level, including school and graduation date. If college, your major will be needed.

General run-down of who you are. hobbies, skills you’ve acquired, and so on. Mundane sounding things may be important depending on job, will inquire if I feel it’s necessary.

Of course, I’ll need to know the job you’re looking to land so I can custom-tailor it to that employer.


Thank you so much for your interest.  Job hunting is competitive right now, get the edge on others!


Salary: 0.5 BTC

How to Apply