Computer Technician / Web Design Specialist


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Jan 03.

I am willing to fix and correct almost any problem you could ever run into in the wild. I have been a head technician at a medium sized computer repair shop for over 4 years.

Have been in the business for 10 years before that.

I have a subscription to logmein rescue and can also use team viewer, it just depends on if you have already installed a support client or not.

Will work for 0.5 BTC and hour, if your problem is not solved in a timely manner I will reimburse your 0.5 BTC.

Skills Required

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • HTML
  • PHP


Salary: 0.5 BTC/hour

Benefits: All the benefits that could come from contacting a computer technician when your computer is running slow or just refuses to run at all. :)

How to Apply

Just fill out this application, as soon as I get your message I will either respond back with an email or another way to contact me (phone, email, instant messaging, ect).