Want Your Online Business Concept To Work ?

the bit man

This is a Selling position in global posted Jan 17.

There are many posts here, offering to…promote your business, write your blog, and help you make it happens online. Problem is….none of them have made it happen online…..so how can they help/teach you ?…..

I have :)…I have personally taken taken a website taking ZERO per week and grown it too $1000 per week, I have personally taken a web business that cost $300 to start and grown it to over $500,000 per year, made it a globally recognised brand, selling to the largest names in the world and dominated every area of the SEO world for its key terms.

My passion is for small business and making it happen. I do not claim to be cheap, but I am as good as it gets, and I will be always be straight with you, I do not claim to be able to accomplish anything online, or know everything, but If you tell me what you want/need and I can help you make it happen I will. Contact me with jobs and we can talk rates and how to make it happens.

Skills Required

  • SEO
  • Marketing
  • Structure
  • LegalStructure
  • Profit
  • Content
  • programming


Salary: negotiable

Benefits: unlike many "consultants" who claim they can grow your business, market you, promote you etc..... ask yourself ? what have they succeeded at before ?......building websites is easy...very easy.....building a successful online business....is tough as hell and you need a veteran, someone who has done it, been in the trenches, taken the flak and bombs and proven their concept....I have. I run a globally recognised website, that is top 3 in ALL major search engines around the world, a site that takes over $50,000 per month....now....how can I help you ?

How to Apply

simply email me your concept or needs, and we will go from there