Teletherapy, Executive Coaching and Life Coaching

This is a Selling position in Boca Raton, Florida / and anywhere via the Internet posted Feb 14.

Stressed? Anxious? Suffering from creative blocks? Not happy with the way your career is progressing? Having dating or relationship problems?

I am a Florida Licensed Psychologist and provide teletherapy services via Skype and by phone. Also providing Pick Up and dating coaching for shy men.

And providing career development and executive coaching.

Back before graduate school, I was a software engineer so I understand programmers and technical mindset.

Payment for teletherapy services via Skype is in Bitcoins.

If you happen to live in South Florida or are visiting South Florida, payment can be arranged through your health insurance plan for in office psychotherapy.

All services, whether teletherapy, coaching or in-person psychotherapy is confidential.

To arrange a time for a Skype session or phone session, or if you have any questions, fill out the form below and provide your phone number, email or Skype name.



Salary: 6 Bitcoins per 60 session / or 1 Bitcoin each 10 minutes of teletherapy or phone coaching

How to Apply