I will write transcripts or subtitles for audio files or movies

This is a Selling position posted Feb 16.

I’m a 19yo who is a good typist with good hearing and I can’t find a job at the moment. I will type up transcripts of your movies or lectures, or make SRT subtitle files.

Just send me a message with a link to your video or audio file and make a payment to 1F4zECayUiVh44xxrD4a3nHGYvBXV2ujPE

I charge a rate of $12USD for 15 minutes of video/audio for just a transcript or $15USD for an SRT file.

If it’s a big project I will happily send you the first couple of pages of completed transcript before asking for payment.

I can also translate into Esperanto for an additional $5USD for each 15 minutes.

How to Apply