We will setup an xmpp/jabber/messaging server that you can launch or sell [1 BTC]


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Apr 05.

Here is what i am offering in return for 1 bitcoin

1) a video screencast tutorial
2) the deployment script that you can run from any *nix environment to launch your setup from scratch with minimal involvement
3) your testimonial when we launch our site
4) free sysadmin support for 1 month

You will likely also learn how to deploy apps to the cloud.

With your own XMPP server, you will be able to:
a) have your custom IM
b) use any jabber client for web/desktop/mobile
c) all your users will chat via id’s like acme@’your.domain’

A little bit about us
We work with xmpp servers, clients and messaging all day, this will be a fun way to spread two things we love – bitcoin & xmpp

Skills Required

  • Domainregistrationknowhow
  • SSHloginexperienceideal
  • Amazonec2accountrequired

How to Apply

You will pay us 0.5 bitcoin at the beginning, and 0.5 BTC when we handed over the files & instructions as mentioned above.