Critical Thinking Specialist


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Apr 13.

Offering alternative perspectives and solutions.

Not qualified to offer medical or scientific advice.
That said, in regards to medical…
The best medicines are made by Mother Nature.
And laughter keeps you young.

I don’t do politics, relationships, or religion…
these are things you must sort on your own.

All choices are ultimately yours.

Skills Required

  • Critical Thinking
  • Unbiased
  • Imagining Alternatives
  • Understanding Multiple Perspectives
  • Able to see one situation from many angles.


Salary: What an alternative perspective or solution is worth to you, Minimum 0.0001 BTC

Benefits: Sometimes, you just need another option... an extra idea... and alternative perspective. There's usually another way.

How to Apply

Send your question via the application below (or to, and whatever you think an alternative perspective or solution is worth in bitcoin to: bitcoin wallet address 15Jg3NVLxrSL3V7qBiG8Xim5CK67ZUa6CM Minimum 0.0001 BTC Alternatives supplied within 36 hours of bitcoin confirmation. If i cannot offer you an alternative, i'll promptly refund your bitcoin and reply to your message stating why.