I’ll write your LEAP Motion app!

Gray Olson Studios

This is a Selling position in Phoenix, Arizona posted Apr 23.

Hello everyone, here to offer a new service. I am a LEAP Motion developer, and I have a LEAP Motion device on my desk right now that I can use to write YOUR app. If you don’t know what a LEAP is, check out their site here:

You can see my first ever LEAP experiment here:

I also previously did some work on the iPhone platform, which you can see some of my contributions here on my cocos2d profile:

Rate can be negotiated, but for the first app it will probably be somewhere around 0.1 BTC (300 FC, 2 LTC)/hour because it will be my first “real” work for the LEAP and therefore will probably take more time for me to get it to the point I want it to be.

Gray Olson

Skills Required

  • Objective-C
  • Lua
  • C++


Salary: 0.1 BTC/300 FC/2 LTC per hour

Benefits: This is a great opportunity to get an app in development before the official launch of the LEAP. I am one of few that have one of these devices right now and received it from LEAP themselves.

How to Apply

Contact me at friends.gray@gmail.com or apply on-site and we can work out specific pricing and go over your idea.