0.01BTC for 100 youtube and 25 TWITTER! Many services inside. BEST DEAL ON BitGigs.


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Apr 24.

i will get you 20 youtube subscribers for 0.01+Transaction fee BTC or
i will get you 10 likes on your video for 0.01+Transaction fee BTC or
i will get you 100 video views of people viewing atleast 10 seconds for 0.01+Transaction fee BTC or
i will get you 5-10 comments for 0.01+Transaction fee BTC

i will get you 25 TWITTER followers for only 0.01+Transaction fee BTC

Skills Required

  • SEO
  • Advertising
  • Owngamehosting


Salary: 0.01 BTC

Benefits: the benefits of this is that this is real people, and real traffic from my own gaming related site, but wait did i say gaming related website, YES gaming but they are willing to do anything for achivements on my gaming servers, every single on of them have to submit with real info if we find fake info THEY WILL get terminated.

How to Apply

Apply through BitGigs or contact me You can contact me on email if you want, but to make it all go faster you can send the BTC to my wallet and send me the info with a screenshot of the transaction. When i say "send me the info" i mean you should email me what service you want and on what url (twitter account, youtube video, youtube channel etc.) screenshot of transaction is so i can confirm the payment, and start doing my service. if you have any questions please feel free to ask away. My BTC wallet: 1K242h2JBsKw1RqB5segTLqwvc3DJbCVv9