Create and Test Minecraft Modpacks


This is a Contract position in Anywhere posted Jun 02.

I can develop a minecraft modpack using whatever mods you like or based around a theme and construct a system that is not only simple to use but also a way of easily managing and updating the modpack in the future.

Modpacks are not limited in size or complexity and i will do extensive testing and if needed detailed configuration changes to ensure that the mods work together harmoniously.

The resulting modpack will be a simple text file (and configuration files if required) that can be run as a python script and will automatically construct you modpack for you.

To change the modpack all that needs to be changed is the script which is simple text. Alternatively I can also update and assist in modpack maintenance.

Included in the price is any help needed to get the modpack setup and being able to be built without my future assistance.

Complex modpacks or continued support and updating may cost more.

Skills Required

  • I have done this all before.


Salary: 0.2 BTC

Benefits: - Modpacks are well tested and work harmoniously. - Modpacks are easy to compile with a single command and update with the same command. - A modpack that is compatible with version control systems such as git without distributing mods. - Works for private modpacks as well as public. - Can provide update and future maintenance and support, Including setup support for free. - The resulting modpack will work perfectly for single player and multiplayer. - In the end all that will be required to install the modpack is a drag and drop or even a hosting on the technic pack custom pack lists.

How to Apply

In order to construct a modpack i require a theme or collection of mods you would like to have in the pack or an example of a modpack to model your modpack after. I can then ensure that all mods work together and determine any other mods that go well together with the previous mods. Also i need to know how many mods you would like in the mod pack if there is a limit. Modpacks with over 100 mods will incur an extra fee. Any notes you wish to convey on the feel of the end mod pack would greatly help in deciding how mods should be configured and prioritized.