Earn bitcoins by linking to site (swfchan.com)


This is a Buying position in Anywhere posted Jul 26.

I’m paying bitcoins to people for linking to my site (swfchan). I call it the Bitcoins For Gets program:


The site is a flash archive. Every new IP you get to the site that watches a flash earns you some points and these points are then converted to bitcoins when you want to get paid.

I pay very well! Watch the introduction video to find out how easy it is to get some bitcoins.

Skills Required

  • marketing
  • linking
  • advertising
  • patience


Salary: When this was written: 0.12478 BTC per 1000 new IPs that has watched a flash

How to Apply

Go to http://bfg.swfchan.com/?start and make an account (only user name and password is required).