3D Print – Modelling Services


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Aug 04.

I have 5 years experience working with industrial scale 3D printers; 3DSystems, ZCorp, Objet, Makerbot and Cube3D to name a few.
If you’ve got a design that needs development, or are interested in having your logo turned into a piece of 3Dimensional Desk Artwork, then you’ve bumped into the right posting.

3DPrinted Logos – Using your logo, and a description of what you’d like modelled, I’ll produce a model that can be sent to a 3DPrinting Service for manufacture.

Product Design – Trinkets, unique and useful items, toys, functional products, decorative / creative projects, etc. Bring your sketches off the page and into the 3D world.

I’m interested in establishing long term business relationships with designers, so royalty collaboration is an option where a project involves a great deal of investment and/or development time.
For one off projects I will provide a unique quote for work required, based on project complexity, time to produce, and any additional design iterations.

Please contact me for more information.


Skills Required

  • 3DModelling
  • Color+Texturing
  • 3DPrinting Experience
  • Product Design
  • Consultation + Project Management
  • Digital Sculpting


Salary: Unique quote per project. (0.2 - 0.5btc per hour)

Benefits: Unique 3D Modelling Services Connection to 3DPrinter manufacturers in North America Consultation on Product Design and Project Management Access to Experiential Knowledge for 3DPrinting 3D Prints Product Realization

How to Apply

Send an Email to hexagliph@gmail.com Contact via the www.shapeways.com/shops/ShadowCraft shop Or reply to this Posting Please provide a short description of your project, and when you would need it completed.