Music writing, produccion, editing, etc

This is a Selling position posted Sep 03.

I am very experienced with DAWs like Logic Pro and Pro Tools. I have an extended knowledge of how to arrange, compose, produce, mix, master, edit, etc. in these platforms, and I count with all the resources necessary to compose a song or musical piece of any genre.

Please describe the type of music you’d like me to do, for what purpose, by when would you like it done, and if you wish you can send a couple of songs that sound like what you want me to write.

The price varies with the job you wish for me to do, but it’s a minimum of 0.05 BTC

I am available and you can contact me through the following means:

Whatsapp Messenger: +5215541935046

Skype: ignacio.sada1



Salary: 0.05 BTC minimum

How to Apply