Want to set up different prices for different payment options for products (if customer buys w/ btc)

This is a Buying position posted Sep 27.

Hello. My son and I are further developing his blog & ecommerce site.

If anyone is interested, we’re looking to get help on developing an ecommerce solution that allows for different prices for different payment options for the products being offered.

I have scoured the message boards but haven’t found a solution offering this specifically, and certainly nothing that incorporates bitcoin into the solution.

This is what I’m looking for:

-You’re interested in Product A, you select it for your cart and proceed to checkout -At checkout, you may select the payment method (e.g., paypal, credit card, or bitcoin) -Based on the payment method you use the price of the product automatically changes at checkout

The idea of course is that if you select payment with bitcoin, you will receive a price discount.

We use woocommerce. This solution WILL BE prevalent on all ecommerce sites soon, I’m sure of it after this starts taking off.

Skills Required

  • ecommerce
  • paymentmethods
  • coding

How to Apply

Please send an email to ancestralaustrianawareness@gmail.com, and give a quote.