Linux Administrator and C/C#/C++ Programmer looking for work


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Oct 19.

Hello everyone, my name is Michael and I am an experienced C/C#/C++ Programmer and Linux Administrator (preferably Servers).
If you hire me I can build Linux and Windows binaries, just like you want.
My Salary depends on the project you want to be done.

Skills Required

  • C++
  • C
  • C#
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Administration


Benefits: If you want me to program you something then I will support this program for one year for free. In this time I will give you security fixes (if there should be some bugs) for free, of course :) If you hire me for administrative work then you will get my mobile phone number so that you can reach me in an emergency - even after completion of your contract for some time.

How to Apply

Just apply here or to my email!