Need programmers, projects managers and entertainers for work and to join the BitGigs Chan at Bitmessage


This is a Contract position in Anywhere posted Oct 20.

We have a bunch of assignments available.

We need programmers, project managers and entertainers (web designers, social media people etc).

Have a look at the URL below. Look at the list of assignments and pick one you think seems interesting. If there is no full project description yet send us a Bitmessage and we will add details as soon as possible.


How to join the BitGigs Chan at Bigmessage:

(File –> Join Chan)

Name of chan: BitGigs Chan (Created by BM-2cVZJonHbYBBZrPMwb9eMwdUwPVQb3GgV7)
Chan address: BM-2cXAP9WUDDdqPqitfkiu8aFXtkNh9oAjat

Use the full name of the chan included the created by part.

We share profits. PM for more details.

We work with Git and Open Source.

Skills Required

  • JavaScript
  • Teamwork
  • Graphic Design
  • C++
  • Other
  • Etc


Benefits: Work in a great team globally using Git and Open Source.

How to Apply

See instructions in the job posting