BOOTSTRAP/css/JavaScript/Ajax with DJANGO/PYTHON


This is a Contract position in Anywhere posted Oct 28.

Bitcoin startup project needs a front-end web developer. You will propose front-end development strategy and tool set.

Our existing web site is fairly simple, but will grow in complexity in the coming weeks. It was created with the BOOTSTRAP CSS library, and it is tightly linked with DJANGO and uses AJAX a lot.

In the near term, you will address a stream of diverse small requests – this is not a one-time fixed-scope project. The engagement will start as part time, but hopefully will evolve into a long-term working relationship.

You will work remotely with the following people:
1 – back-end PYTHON/django developer to integrate functionality with front end web site;
2 – project leader, who will provide content and specify the look/feel of the site also using designer’s images and layout.

You may need to SSH/FTP into LINUX server to effect your changes to the site.

Skills Required

  • CSS


Salary: negotiable

How to Apply

Submit your full list of skills (even if not specified in our requirements) and experience in each with references to any prior work.