[Online 3D Game] [Planeshift] [1 Million In Game TRIA (money) To You For [ BTC 0.0236 ]

This is a Contract position in Online Game World posted Nov 03.

IF anyone is going to play the game Planeshift ( http://www.planeshift.it/ ) online (100% FREE game) and needs a boost in money to get their character going, Please contact Magitex Glossenique (in game character) for your $1,000,000 TRIA.

I will agree to a bitcoin FEE of $5 (currently 0.0236 BTC) for the exchange in virtual TRIA.

This will be a ONE time contract deal.  Unlimited exchanges allowed in the future.


Also seeking 5 – 10 members to help me start my own GUILD: Universal Continuum Crystaleon ( FEE  reduction of $1 (currently 0.0189 BTC) if you join long term.

How to Apply