Bash Script


This is a Buying position in Anywhere posted Nov 06.

I need someone to make and send me a bash script.

It will be run on a fresh installation of ‘ubuntu-12.04-x86_64 server’ which will be installed on an OpenVZ VPS

Initially SSH will be open, so I would like all users except for disabled for SSH access and DenyHosts must be installed via advanced packaging tool.

I need LAMP – Apache PHP MySQL

Apache must be configured not to show OS version.

phpMyAdmin, Postfix Mail Server, Webalizer and Webmin need installing. syslog must accessible via webmin.

The script must allow the hostname and multiple domains to be configured

apache needs automatic subdomain for every directory using mod_rewrite

/www (new rood folder for and and amd…)
/ (for

The script will also need to configure DNS setup (*,A,CNAME. Every * *

phpMyAdmin (phpmyadmin.domain1.tld phpmyadmin.domain2.tld)

Webmin must be accessible via webmin.domain1.tld webmin.domain2.tld using apache mod_proxy

All web directories accessible via http must also be accessible via https

Must print out the DNS configuration required of the domains.

The script must ensure that the firewall is always enabled on boot and configured so that externally, only ports for dns, mail, http, https and ssh are enabled as required.

It must check all the system packages are completely up to date, and ask to reboot if required.

The script must be rerunable.


Also it would be nice if the script could let me toggle external access to ssh, and the subdomains for phpMyAdmin and Webmin

Skills Required

  • Bash Scripting


Salary: You tell me

Benefits: Can pay with BTC or BTC-E code

How to Apply

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