Composer/Producer for films, games, etc.


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Nov 06.

I make a variety of music ranging from ambient to orchestral to hip hop. I can compose music for whatever style you require, though I specialize in dark, cinematic scores that lend an ‘epic’ feel to projects.

Here are some examples of past work for various clientele:




Skills Required

  • Composition
  • Production
  • SoundDesign


Salary: 0.1 BTC per track/small project

Benefits: I work very quickly and am generally perceptive to your needs. My music encompasses a wide range of styles but will nevertheless provide a unique sound for whatever project you have in mind. I take pride in every track I make for clients to ensure that each one is up to my usual quality standards.

How to Apply

Either apply through Bitgigs or contact me via Twitter (@fawstoar) or Soundcloud (also @fawstoar).