Java developer


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Nov 29.

I’m now doing Java work for anyone interested. Once a job is offered I’ll discuss funding and time constraints, as well as how applicable my skills are to the job. My skills:

– General java development
– Advanced java including generics and reflective operations on others’ and own code
– Java debugging and bugfixing
– Algorithms and specific problems
– Basic Android
– Basic-intermediate Swing GUIs
– Intermediate web using Google App Engine, JBoss, Jetty, Tomcat, or other servlet technologies. Note: Javascript/AJAX/CSS will be minimally provided in this case.

I’ll do anything from a quick bugsweep to designing a complete library for a task.

I have a Stack Overflow account with roughly 11,600 reputation at the time of writing. If you are unacquainted with SO the reputation is based on votes given on a given user’s posts, counting both positive and negative votes.

Skills Required

  • java
  • jsp
  • programming


Salary: To be determined, fixed per project

How to Apply

Please contact me on the forums under the username rarkenin, or contact me directly here.