Family Tree Research ( Genealogy)

Thumpers Family Research

This is a Selling position in Nova Scotia , Canada posted Dec 01.

I would be willing to help or research your family tree for bitcoins. Prices will vary depending on how many generations you require. I will do each generation back from you for 1 bitcoin. Providing you with census, birth, marriage & death records for each member that I can find. I am only able to research Canada & USA records at this time. I will provide the records in JPG format for you so you have a digital copy of each record. other formats can be discussed for you if you require them in a different format. All information is private and will only be shared with the person who requested it. Please contact me for more information if you require it.

I hope I can share in your joy of discovering your ancestors.

Skills Required

  • I can also do photo restorations through photoshop. Repairing damaged photos and resrtoring older photos that need some sprucing up.


Salary: I will accept payment by bitcoins or moenyorders in canadian funds

Benefits: I offer research of a person familty tree (Genealogy) for many purposes. To prove lineage for native ancestry or just because you want to know who your ancestors were. Sometimes people need to proove their ancestors were residents of a particular province or state at certain times in the past. Sometimes they are just seeking information perhaps on natural birth parents and such. Genealogy is usually need at some point in a persons life for one reason or another. So for those folks who may not know how to research such things I can do it for you. I can do research for you in Canada & The USA .

How to Apply

I can be contacted via email at to discuss what you require