Relationship – Personal – Business Advice from a Real Life Hitch.


This is a Selling position in Canada posted Dec 06.

Let’s Be Honest Folks,

Everything we do in life is for the sole reason to find our better half, further ourselves, and feel more confident in any & every situation for life’s happiness. If that’s the girl of your dreams. Just getting Laid, or landing that superior job, or killing a presentation. I can help.

Even if its making an EX jealous, or current interest……well, interested. You’ be surprised at just how useful I can become.

Having had the privilege of working with the best of the best and being in soooooooooo many social situations with not only the opposite sex, but with Business people. Its almost become an artform for me. I’m not just a run of the mill online troll but an expert who has actually written books about the art of persuasion and ways to further yourself in life.


The funny part is I offer 100% money back guarantee. And guess what, after connecting with hundreds of people I’ve yet to find a single person who hasn’t been satisfied with what I have to offer so by all means try it out.  COST 0.5 BitCoin (depends on task length)




Salary: 0.5 Bit Coin

Benefits: Relationship Building Career advancement Confidence Growth Business Advice Connector of Ideas Business Planning

How to Apply

please send inquiries to, of exactly what it is your looking to do and how soon.