I like to make puzzles such as, mostly, Crosswords and Word Find in any theme you want (personal recreation or Business)

This is a Selling position in Den Bosch, The Netherlands posted Dec 10.

You send me a theme, and what kind of puzzle you would like. Available in English Dutch or German. 0,003 BTC for a 10 by 30 Puzzle. I can also make the Word Find have a funny solution to your own liking just to have great laugh for a friend. Anything you would like and will send you different designs.

The first person gets it for free!



Salary: 0,003 BTC

Benefits: You can use this puzzle in a local news paper on any theme you would like. I will investuigate the theme thoroughly.

How to Apply

send me an email to: tim_versteegh@live.nl add the theme, how large you want it: small, normal, large