3D modeling and animation, 3D & 2D logos, and Photoshop

Arts Animation Studios

This is a Selling position in Venezuela posted Dec 16.

Any kind of modeling in 3D studio Max and export to another compatible format, autocad maya etc, Intro anitation logos, 2D animation, any Photoshop design, Web Desing, CSS, HTML, php reference site http://battlefieldven.servegame.com/ entire site was design and develop by us

Skills Required

  • 3Dmodeling
  • 3Dtexturing
  • 3Danimation
  • 3Dlighting
  • PhotoshopDesing&WebDesign
  • CSS
  • PHPbasic
  • JQuery


Salary: $100

Benefits: work with short delivery, the customer must be satisfied with the work, up to 2 corrections if misunderstood, only work with one client at a time

How to Apply

First come first serve and labor supply