Hardcore Rap Ghostwriter


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Dec 22.

Tell me the subject matter and I will write lyrics for you. If you have a beat, I will need to hear it.

.125 BTC for a single verse;
.3 for 3 a 3 verse song;
extra .1 for a hook.

View my work on kronikkillaz.com or facebook.com/kronikkillaz
I am Zuda.

Payment must be upfront. Lyrics will be sent within 1 week after the BTC shows up in my wallet.

Skills Required

  • Lyrics
  • Ghost-writing
  • Hip-Hop/Rap


Salary: .125-.4 per song

Benefits: I can rap about anything from deep subject matter to fighting in the streets, to drug dealing and sex. If you wanna be a faggot who raps about how much money, I can do that too. I have veins full of THC and a brain full of acid. Lyrics are guaranteed to blow your mind. I do NOT write generic shit, I do NOT follow trends, and I do NOT copy lyrics from other rappers.

How to Apply

Email me at chrissnook06@gmail.com with "BitGigs Ghost-Writing" or something similar in the subject line. Include all the information I will need and I will reply with a personalized BTC address and price. Once I send you the lyrics, they become your property and I claim no rights to them.