Strategic Text – bail out service


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Dec 30.

Custom excuses for tricky situations.
Arrange for text messages to be sent to your phone the next time you need an excuse to leave an uncomfortable situation.

Bad dates, dull parties and tedious meetings can be short lived, by pre-arranging an “urgent” text message.

** “please come urgently, I think I just saw your cat wandering down the road. Your neighbour”

** “I have news, it’s not good. You better get here now”.

** “hey where are you?! Thought we had meeting. I’ve been here almost an hour already!!!”

** ” I know it’s short notice, but we could really use your help.”

The possibilities are endless, use your imagination. Send me the text (or I can write one for you), your number and the time you’d like it sent. A handy escape can be all yours for the cost of the message plus $2.50

Free at last, free at last.

Skills Required

  • creativity
  • cunnning


Salary: $2.50

How to Apply

Email- fill out the order form and rest easy.