I will write a Bio Page for you on Devtome.com for BTC or Devcoin


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Jan 01.


I am an English speaking Australian writer with a flair for polishing text and producing engaging articles on a wide range of topics and I have recently made the decision to trust in my writing and art to support me. I would really like to focus on Biographic pieces and articles around Crypto Currencies and the developers behind them, and I am also working on a “how to” for newcomers to Bitcoins.

The truth is, I believe in the idea of a decentralised currency and I am excited to have found a way to support crypto currencies doing something I love, Writing! I totally support the idea that we are all worth what we are paid and I am hoping my small contribution is beneficial for everyone, I am hoping my skills as a wordsmith can help your skills as developers, artists and cryto currency experts shine, in a forum designed for and by the same community.

I am offering to write a Bio Page for you on Devtome.com with links to your work/developments in return for a BTC or Devcoin donation.

You will be getting yourself out there, I will be building my online portfolio (and learning at the same time!), Devtome benefits from increased awareness and supports artists, writers and developers to follow their dreams and one day, with a little perseverance, we all win!

I am also happy to write reviews, but I cant be paid for a good review, I will write reviews for free and I will be honest. (You can still make a donation, it just wont sway me Wink ) If you would like me to write a review of your product, development or person, please leave a comment in this thread. I will link back to the article when it is finished.

If you would like me to write a personal Bio, please PM me after making a donation to the addresses listed below with your details and any links/information that might help me write your Bio.

See here for an example of a not so favourable review: http://www.devtome.com/doku.php?id=asictech.info_review

My writers Biography can be found here: http://www.devtome.com/doku.php?id=melodie_m

I dont have a lot of published writing online but I am a published author offline and happy to send some examples if you require.

Donation Addresses:
Devcoins: 1HPQGi6QSeNjfZSuBGi3bVLakBYEucvYYM
Bitcoins: 17n9q4ryyVQLMAUZPdAEhKbSp4MJxKqcKa

Skills Required

  • Writing
  • Website Content Creation
  • Editing

How to Apply

Please sned me a message with your email address and whether you are seeking a review, or would like me to write your biography (dont forget your email address!)