Want to Work in Promotional Marketing


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Jan 04.

For .0013 BTC = $1 …I will send you a huge list of Promotional Marketing ” Street Teams” companies that hire people starting at $15 an hour in many cities across the USA. I have been working in the industry for over 5 years and know which one pay the best and has work. You can even get jobs working Tours for like Mountain Dew, Rock Star, Dell, Nintendo ect.

Skills Required

  • communication
  • marketing
  • StreetTeam


Salary: $15 and up

Benefits: Get work in your town large cities have more work. Great easy jobs make your own schedule.

How to Apply

Send in the application and pay the .0013 BTC = $1 to my account and I'll send you a list of reliable Promotional Marketing Companies that hire people all over the USA. You should be between age 18-40 for these jobs. They hire nice looking people-models. Account 12NfoMELj4sPnAmWygt4vy96s9tbd79PHg