Do you need something from Brazil? I can do for some bitcoins


This is a Contract position in Brasília, District Federal of Brazil posted Jan 14.

I live in Brasilia, Brazil, and I can buy, send, ask, find, discover or do anything you need. Need information from here? Need find a person or place?
Give me bitcoins and I do!

Skills Required

  • Bitcoinenthusiast
  • ComputerProgrammer
  • Brazilian


Salary: >= BTC 0.01

Benefits: I am a native brazilian and I speak Portuguese (Spanish isn't told in Brazil, we speak "português", we was a Portugal colony) and English. I can help you with whatever you need from here, including: pre paid cell phones cards, cellphones chips, local postal address, local residence address, local IP address from any brazilian operator (OI, Claro, Vivo, Nextel, TIM), local Internet domain ( .br sufix ) or maybe do you want just to know more about the city/country. We can talk by skype, if you prefer.

How to Apply

Send $BTC 0.01 to 18ZxyZeNudKKAT9b7KJJfreC2fKD41NF1H. After than, we can talk by skype or irc or facebook or mail and you can explain what you need and I will help you as I can for ten minutes. If you need more help or just something than just to talk, we can agree it by more bitcoins. Do you have any question or idea? Just e-mail, me.