I will transfer to you a great domain for you Bitcoin Business – bitbankr.com


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Jan 15.

For one 1 BTC I have the following domains that I can transfer to you which will facilitate your bitcoin business:

www.bitbankr.com (need to store your bit coin safetly?”)

www.bitfli.com (sounds like bitfly but with cooler spelling. very short and brandable)

www.bitgals.com (bit gals will do anything for bitcoin…yes anything)

www.bitgrad.com (want to learn more about bitcoin, how to store it safely, how to mine it, how to trade it…come to bit grad site. Also a good place to sell bitcoin ebooks)

www.Bithoo.com (sounds like Yahoo for bitcoin. Great for a web portal about bitcoin or any other Yahoo type service)

www.bitneta.com (want to learn more about bitnets? Want to buy a bitnet? come here)

www.bitpla.com (sounds like bitplay except with cooler spelling. Play games and wager your bit coins here.)

www.bitsel.com (sounds like bit sell. Want to sell bit? Come here)

Skills Required

  • Domain Transfer


Salary: 1 BTC

How to Apply

contact me at 4gandroid@gmail.com.