Bitcoin Consultant Services

This is a Selling position posted Jan 22.

Bitcoin is a new and exciting currency that has recently risen in value and gained notoriety. A lot of people have seen the interest and would like to invest, trade, or just explore Bitcoin; but have no idea where to start or how it works. If you are one of those people then I can help you out.

I can explain the bitcoin concept to you and answer any questions you have. I can help install your bitcoin wallet and take multiple security measures to secure it. I can setup your computer to mine and setup exchange accounts to buy bitcoin or any other crypto-currency. I can also setup easy to use payment processers for small business to accept bitcoin.

My rates are:
Dollars- $25 for the first hour, $10 for every extra hour
Bitcoin- 35 milliBTC for the first hour, 15 milliBTC for every extra hour
Silver- 1 Silver Eagle for the first hour, 1/2 oz. Silver Eagle for every extra hour

I also charge 10 milliBTC for any help or questions over the phone or text unless you plan to meet later. (Bitcoin only)

If you want help using bitcoin or just learn more about it then reply or text me and I can come to you anywhere in the DFW area.

How to Apply