A Friend from Brazil


This is a Selling position in Brazil posted Feb 17.

Hey there! I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I put myself at your disposal, for anything I could be of help from here.

Portuguese is my mother tongue, and I speak Fluent English, so I could, for example, work on the translation of documents, etc. I also speak French and Spanish, and I could surely help you in those languages too.

Anything from Brazil, you name it and if I am able to I will gladly help.

Just send me an e-mail to raganius(at)hotmail.com, explaining what you need, we’ll set the price and, voilà 😉

BTC: 1Az5KMfBfNFZYrXaPS1t94deC2zoYFd93t

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you in advance.

Skills Required

  • Yes person
  • Data finder
  • Problem solver


Benefits: I want to be your friend in Brazil. A real helping hand.

How to Apply

Just send me an e-mail to raganius(at)hotmail.com. BTC: 1Az5KMfBfNFZYrXaPS1t94deC2zoYFd93t