Will design a beautiful and personalised logo

Logo for bits

This is a Selling position in United Kingdom posted Feb 24.

Hello friends my name is Theo Knipe,

I am an art student and have designed a few logos mainly for fun in the past. If you need a logo for your company or any other use then I will create one which is personalised to your request.

If needed I can also make them into a specific or range of sizes that fit your needs.

My logos are very affordable (negotiable price) but look professional and perfect for commercial/personal use.

If you wish to contact me in regards to a purchase request or simply to find out more information then my email is : tknipe@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you for your time.

Skills Required

  • Years of studying and producing art
  • Graphical design talents
  • Willing to work at a low price


Salary: negotiable, contact: tknipe@hotmail.co.uk

Benefits: As described above I am of professional standard and my products are very affordable. No need to spend hundreds of dollars on companies who hire underpaid employees to do the work for them, my logos are personal and I take pride in my work.

How to Apply

Simply contact me at: tknipe@hotmail.co.uk You send me your request and I will produce it, a low resolution preview will be sent via email and if you approve then we will negotiate a fair price.