[FOR HIRE] Producer/Mixer

Jacob Martin Productions

This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Apr 15.

1) send recorded Garageband project to JacobMartinSongs@gmail.com with any special requirments
2) discuss price and decide on deadline
3)I will mix, EQ, add keyboard effects and layering, and master the project then email back with the Garageband project, Mp3, and WAV file formats of the finished song

-to see my portfolio go to www.JacobMartinSongs.com/Listen
-I only work in Garageband
Email orders to JacobMartinSongs@gmail.com

Skills Required

  • EQ-ing
  • mixing
  • producing
  • mastering
  • recording
  • piano playing
  • saxophone playing


Salary: NYOP (Name Your Own Price) in bitcoins or through paypal

Benefits: I have been studying music for over 10 years and can offer a unique insight on your project.

How to Apply

Simply email the recorded Garageband project to jacobmartinsongs@gmail.com and state any special requests for the project.